7 Best and Simple Egg Wash Substitutes.

Egg wash is a beaten egg that is weakened or diluted with milk and water. It is delicately brushed onto cakes, pastries, and bread before baking and gives a fresh, brilliant sheen to the bread. It is likewise used to attach breading to fried and crispy foods. There are numerous reasons a person may be unable to utilize eggs in their baking, from food allergies, sensitivities to consume fewer calories. At such time, you may require an egg wash substitute to recreate the crunchy, enticing, tempting crust layer that an egg wash can provide.

Egg Wash Substitute

The best egg wash substitute is milk. You can likewise utilize custard and water, margarine, olive oil, nectar, maple syrup, yogurt, and alternatives like soy and almond milk.

Milk or Cream

A simple egg wash substitute are to just brush on milk or cream on your dough mixture before baking. This will reproduce the color of an egg, without adding undesirable flavor or oil.


This is a well-known egg wash substitute and even adds to the flavor of specific recipes. But use the butter in small quantities, as the butter will drench into the dough mixture and can include a lot of greases.

Nectar or Maple Syrup

Sweet choices like nectar or maple syrup will turn your cake and other bakery products a profound gold, with lots of caramelized crunch. However, it can also get overheated very rapidly in a hot oven, so it's best utilized with quick formulas, or washed on towards the finish of the baking time.


You can use the oven baked products and dip it into the yogurt, then rolling the eatables in the crumbs. Yogurt will help you to bind the breading and also retains the moisture.


Your organic product based preparing should not stop if you end up out of egg wash or its other alternatives. Utilizing molasses will give you a comparative flavor leaving a remarkable and unique taste.

Ground Flaxseed

You can use ground flaxseed with warm water until the mixture gets thick. The thick flaxseed paste will help to bind the breading and also can add shine to the bakery products.


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