5 Funs Things to do on 2018 Halloween:

The date is 31st October, for which children, as well as the elders, wait, a night celebrated as Halloween. In Halloween, the children dress up in frightening masks and costumes. It is thought to be associated with the Celtic festival Samhain when ghosts and spirits were believed to be abroad, a night when the walls between our world and the next are thin and allow spirits to pass through and wreak havoc on our night.

Now let me tell you what all you can do on Halloween to celebrate this day.

1.       Decorate your home with Halloween Decoration Products:
You can decorate your home with Halloween decoration products which are available in the market or online. Because you will need a lot of them to fill your home, prefer to buy them in bulk. The products which you can buy are black swirls confetti, black and orange balloon, black and orange lunch napkins and plastic table cover, bats and pumpkins confetti, pumpkin-shaped bags etc.

2.       Bake Halloween Cakes and Pies:
Who wouldn’t like to have Halloween cakes and pies? You can bake cake and pie from bakery products. The cake can be in shape of a pumpkin or any other shape which would go with the theme. Pumpkin cake would also be a great idea. You can also prepare pie with pumpkins and apple filing in it. Your guests and kids would love to have cake and pies.

3.       Go for Trick or Treat to your Neighborhood:
The most common thing to do is going out to the neighbors and asking for candies and sweets by trick or treat. There are many ways by which you can get those candies, all you need to do is impress the neighbors by dancing or singing or acting and you will be rewarded with the best candy or sweet they have. Some also try to snatch away the candies by scaring them. You can choose either way.

4.       Have Costume Contest with Friends:
Well, Halloween is all about candies and also the scary and different dresses and costumes. You can invite your friends and family at home and tell them to dress up with the scariest look and can arrange for the prizes. Trust me they will love this idea.

5.       Watch Horror Movies all Night:
Because this is a festival to be scared, then why not watch the scary movies with your friends or families all night. This will be the most enjoying part to be done.

So, enjoy your Halloween with these ideas and you will enjoy it. Happy Halloween 2018 folks.


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