6 Useful and important Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

1.Presence of Caffeine more than Regular coffee.

The cold brew coffee usually contains a good amount of caffeine. But the caffeine concentration is usually diluted with cream, water or milk. The amount of caffeine present also depends upon the coffee beans that you use, total time you soak your coffee, amount of milk and water used to dilute the brew.

2. Cold brew coffee for weight loss.

As cold brew coffee has more caffeine content and helps you to shed weight. Drinking a cup of cold brew coffee every day following a workout will increase your afterburn effect. Afterburn effect is the ability to burn calories continuously after your exercise

3. Drinking cold Brew makes you more intelligent.

The caffeine contained in a cup of coffee increases the blood flow to your brain, accordingly boosting your subjective capacity. The research did by the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging demonstrates that the bioactive elements found in coffee can lessen cognitive deficiencies, just as enhancing various functions in the body. More the coffee content of the brew, then more your brain will receive the boost.

4. Cold brew coffee better for people with delicate and sensitive stomach.

The heat used in making drip coffee produces a bitter flavor. Heat is not at all utilized during the cold brew coffee making process. So people who suffer from acidic reflux can opt for cold brew coffee. You can also choose less bitter flavor beans, Stok coffee shot, ground coffee etc for your coffee.

5. Cold brew coffee helps you to extend your life.

Many research claims that drinking a cup of coffee every day can be useful to keep your health in a good condition and may even protract your life. Coffee is used to increase the body’s fat burning capabilities, increases insulin affectability, and diminishes the danger of dementia – and it tastes extraordinary as well.  Cold brew coffee contains free radical fighting chemicals than caffeine-rich tea.The free radical compounds are the one that causes certain cancer. So less the free radical compounds, it is better for your body.

6. Cold brew coffee helps you to stay young.

Coffee is the best refreshment that is used for anti-aging effects as it contains antioxidants in it. Antioxidants present in the cold brew coffee helps to protect your skin from UV rays and keeps your skin moisturized, graceful and young looking.


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