So it’s your tot’s first milestone and you want to make it special and easy too. Uniqueness, adorable and a beautiful décor is must for 1st birthday decorations and for that you need to find a better place to find all the party accessories which can also match your budget.  You need to find some simple, delightful and eye-catching items to decorate your home which is going to be a very-very hectic task. At Warehouse115 you can find some appropriate items to make this birthday special but before that take a look at some of these tips to celebrate your young one’s birthday.

·         Is your baby tired? Generally, babies have a short attention span, so you need to plan a party when your baby is totally awake after a good nap.

·         Check out the guest list: Don’t call unnecessary guests just to make a party big, shortening guest list is synonymous with cost-cutting.

·         Check your offerings: Keep a track of the snacks you are going to provide your guests and also consider the people in the guest list that they don’t have any allergies with the snack you are offering.

·         Have a place for kids: Reserve a place for the kids to play so that they can remain engaged and have fun too. 

·         Do not take stress: It’s just a birthday after all you don’t need to be stressed about it, it is meant to have fun, so keep calm and prepare a good nice party and enjoy.

Celebrate the journey of your baby from birth to crawling, smiling and all the crying with a birthday bash. Warehouse115 provide you the wholesale birthday supplies so that you can cut back the cost. Take a look at these products on Warehouse 115 that are meant for 1st birthday decoration and are affordable too.

·         1st Birthday Air Filled Balloon Centerpiece: Fix these amazing centerpieces on the table that have an air-filled balloon on top and three little cushions in shape of a star and the bigger balloon reads “1st birthday”. You can find these centerpieces in two colors blue and pink. They are available in a count of 4.

·         Latex Balloons Round Assorted Colors 7": These solid Latex balloons can complement any party, they are available at the store in a quantity of 432, go grab them and decorate your house with them.

·         1st Birthday Centerpiece Sticks Blue: Decorate your table with these centerpiece sticks that are available in pink and blue colors and are packed in a count of 18.

·         Candle First Birthday Striped Molded: Decorate the birthday cake with this candle molded in the shape of “1”. Get it at an affordable price at Warehouse115.

Buy these products from warehouse115 at an affordable price and make the 1st birthday of your child special and easy. 


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