Put A Right Tick On All Your FoodService Supplies Needs

Serving the best food is every chef’s dream, be it chef sizzling pans on food truck or on extravagant kitchen bars of motels and to provide satisfactory service to a single customer endless food service supplies are worked on. From each and every edible to serving accessories all are taken into consideration under food service supplies. Bulk purchase of raw materials like vegetables, fruits, sauces, spices, meat products etc are made from wholesalers, it is important to maintain long-term wholesale purchasing supply cycle in the food industry.

Food catering industries or restaurant businesses is not a one player game. Especially one cannot be negligent in terms of serving optimum quality food. Warehouse115 provides all solutions related to bulk food supplies be it in terms of edibles or ecoware dinnerware & food service plastic bags. The whole store is stocked with the list of needs you have and you can get those at an affordable price at your doorstep. Restaurant business, you can rely on this store for long run.

Food Service Supplies

As awareness is buzzing more regarding usage of eco-friendly products, food industries have also adopted this approach and are using ecoware dinnerware in service and packaging. Nowadays, along with food quality, packaging advertising is vital.  If you are not using eco-friendly materials for your services then it’s a high time to shift and opt for ecological products. You can stamp your business logo on such products and consumers can also bin them for the recycling process. You can use biodegradable products like containers, plates, lids, cups, bowls, etc. And for all of these, you don’t need to search multiple places just place an order at Warehouse115.

After hours and hours of prepping a signature dish that is to be delivered or to-go, you would like to serve your customer with exact same as you serve them on the dining table. You won’t like if it gets spilled a tinge while packing or delivering it. Warehouse115 has an excellent quality of food service plastic bags as well as boxes which you can use to provide home delivery service or for takeouts. These products are best for bakery items or liquid serving items and above all these bags and boxes keeps dish taste intact. Apart from packing use for your varied needs, you can use plastic bags and boxes for food storage. They won’t occupy space and will keep all edibles fresh to use.


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