New Mommies Pin New Babies Care Tips On Your Diary

Motherhood is a boon; it is a very special phase for a woman as she is nurturing a life within. If you ask a lady bearing a child that how do you feel going through this phase then her answer can be just a smile because that is the phase which cannot be described by words it’s related to the affirmative bond between a mother and child. And once a mother welcomes new life in this world it is very important for her to take care of herself and her baby at the same time.
It is quite natural that initial days of a new mom can be a rollercoaster ride. Because each and every moment for a mom is like a new birth for herself. Below are the few Babycare tips:

·         Self-hygiene: Wash your hands with fresh water or use medicated sanitizer and wear clean soothing material apparels so that when you pick your baby they are not prone to germs and your clothing doesn’t prick his/her sensitive skin.
·         How to hold the baby? : Newly born baby has fragile bones and inner organs as they are in constant growing phase. Hence, when you hold your baby his/her head should rest in the crook of your arm with your hand supporting the baby spine.

·         Skin-to-skin contact: The womb world in which your baby was breathing and the outer world in which he/she is breathing both are very different. Hence you should try to sink him/her with present ambiance by giving skin-to-skin contact. This helps baby to feel mom’s warmth and also brings closer to mom’s heart. Skin-to-skin contact provides baby with vibes of security as well as relaxes his/her senses.

·         Baby –hygiene: Use baby changing tables that provide comfortable space to change baby diapers. You can shop changing tables from Warehouse 115 who sells tables also having extra features like side hooks to hang diaper bags and straps to hold the baby in. Diapers often leave rashes as baby’s skin is sensitive so use royal baby wipes available on Warehouse115 to avoid rashes.

·          Sound sleep: It is very necessary for a mother and baby to have a sound sleep. Make enough bed space for baby to sleep so that they can enjoy slumber hours and wake up chirpy and happy. If there is not enough space for a baby next to mom while sleeping then it is advisable to put the baby in the crib or baby cot.

·       Always have doctor’s contact on speed dial: Newly born babies are very sensitive and their immune is not that very strong in initial years hence, there are chances that newly born babies can get infected or they can get caught up with cold or fever, vomiting etc because of outer world exposure. It is advisable not to self-medicate ever so it is very essential to have doctor’s or pediatrician’s number handy in such situations. 

Initial days or months will be hectic for both new mother and her baby as a mother is on the complete new path of nurturing a life and baby is in the phase of creating new life tales daily. All new mothers out there you will be rewarded with your cute ones smile and it will always keep your motherly heart thumping.


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