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Sometimes it may so happen that you are out of stock of daily necessities i.e. household things but you need them urgently, in order to avoid such situation it is best to hoard necessary items all at once. You can buy items in bulk from a wholesale store so that you can use it whenever required. This way you can save your time as you don’t have to go and buy it again and again. Buying in bulk also let you save money. It is relatively cheaper than buying an individual item alone. 
Hence, to buy anything on wholesale, you can rely on us. At, Warehouse115 we make available varied items at a cheap price. It is a one-stop wholesale supply store who offer high quality dry, frozen, and refrigerated food products, disposable items, party supplies, janitorial solutions and many more.

Party supplies like birthday party decorations is available for every type of birthday. Be it kids, adults, milestones, first or ladybug birthday everything that you want to make it special and memorable can be bought here at Warehouse115.

Either you want balloons, streamers, cake toppers, tables strewn with confetti, giant banners, candles for birthdays or centerpieces for any theme or season, anything can be supplied at bulk to our customers at a reasonable price. You will never regret buying birthday party decorations here because we ensure finest quality durable items at a best price. Other than this, you can buy our items online and get it delivered at your doorstep within no time.   


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