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The trend of using birthday candles was started during the time of Greeks, who used to place the candle on the cake to offer to Artemis-the goddess of the Moon.

However, the art of candle making was mastered by the Germans. During those times, the birthday candles used to be placed in the centre of the cake and were believed to represent the ‘light of life’. 

As the trend of celebrating theme birthdays is on the rise, the demand of themed candles is also increasing. An increasing number of people these days prefer to use candles that match their themes and fetch the attention of their guests rather than the standard candles which are in use since ages. The good news is - The candle manufacturing industry is expected to see a good financial growth in near future, thanks to themed candles.

In the 17th-century birthday cakes were made more elaborate with details like icing, layers, and decorations, like flowers. However, these kinds of cakes were only affordable by the wealthy, upper-class people due to the high-priced ingredients.

In the 18th century, food and baking utensils became more accessible and therefore affordable. With that, the price of cakes went down significantly and the number of cakes produced went up considerably.

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It was my birthday recently, so I started thinking about birthday candles. Today I’m going to tell you how you can save money and impress/confuse your friends by exploiting a little-known birthday candle loophole: they don’t specify the numerical base you have to use.

If you’ve decided to eschew base 25 for your birthday candles, you’ve got a decision in front of you: what number should you use on your birthday cake to represent your age? There’s a case to be made for putting a "25" on your cake. It’s simple to figure out what base you're using in that case.

Instead, I decided to go with 25 for my birthday candles this year. Using a 2 numbered candle as first digit & a 5 numbered candle as the second digit complicates things a bit, but the final number 25 looks good to me.

Fashioning and gifting this project is something like spreading happiness and moment of joy to a child!


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